Thank you for your interest, it means a lot to us.

 Hello, my name is Roy Tate and welcome to our TW 1K Team.

You are seeing this page because your requested to be a part of our team. 


We have put together, what I like to call a "Business in a box".

I use a system to market Traffic Wave using the "PAY IT FORWARD" method. Traffic Wave uses a 3X10 matrix.. My system works so well, I am willing to PAY your first month TW fee! ($17.95 value).
So please, check out the rest of my siteor go directly to my,
Traffic Wave PAY IT FORWARD System.


Although we do tons of marketing for all our affiliates whether they work or just sit back, we also put together a tremendous marketing package to help accelerate your business.
You will be able to use exactly the same system - I can even set it up for you. Or you can create your own, or use the system prepared by Ben Olszewski.


An email entitled:
What TW 1K Team has prepared for you? (info inside)
will arrive at your Inbox (or Spam folder) in a few minutes.
You will find very important info inside.


Or You can jump in right now and check out Traffic Wave:

Let Me Check It Out



In the meantime,
please read carefully everything on this page.
especially Income Disclaimer below.


  • In my opinion 1K Team is not for everyone.
    Only for smart, ambitious, success-driven people who can understand that you are the only one responsible for your success or failure.


Yes, I started earning money when I joined 1K Team but mostly because I have finally understood that: 
if I want to succeed I must stop hoping that other people will create my success.
1K Team is a very special team because here you are building you.


We don't have any team page
- you will be promoting your own capture page,
- you will be building your own list
- all your autoresponder messages will only contain your referral links.
My goal (and Ben's too) is to help everyone who joins 1K Team understand that in order to make money online we need to have a list. TrafficWave gives us a tool to build this list - an unlimited autoresponder for a flat and low monthly fee of $17.95.


My ultimate dream is that everyone in my team (downline) knows how to use autoresponders, and uses it.


I understand that you may be new to internet and email marketing, autoresponders, etc. I promise to share all my knowledge with you.


Ben Olszewski through our FaceBook group shares his knowledge with the members as well. And the creator and owner of TrafficWave (Brian Rooney) is also very active in our group and helpful. Brian also wants to see all members succeed.

Yes..!! That's 100% True..!!

Every PAID member can ask Ben Olszewski to add
their TrafficWave referral link to the Team Rotator
provided of course that you are a member of our Team.


Please note: Ben doesn't promise to give you referrals...
(see Income Disclaimer at the bottom)


Also: Every day new people are joining our Team.
As a result, every day there are more and more links in the Team Rotator.


Even if you do nothing at all..
Because we don't have any team page, you won't be told to bring
any amount of hits every week to your page.


You may choose not to promote TrafficWave at all..!!
You may choose to use TrafficWave to build any other opportunity,
your own business, whatever.


Test Us For Free
TrafficWave offers 30-day FREE trial.
During this period you can decide whether this business is for you.


I don't want you to join only because of Ben's
promise to promote for you.
I'd love you to join because I truly believe that without an autoresponder
making money online is an impossible dream.
And our Team offers a lot of help and support.


I look forward to welcoming you aboard!
You can always count on my help - I answer all questions.
my email address : [email protected]
(you'll find it again in every our letter to you)

Let Me Check It Out

If you already have a TW account - you will need to open a new one
using a different email address and different username.
You can use the same payment method
(PayPal or credit/debit card)
Don't use Yahoo address when creating an account with TrafficWave.
Gmail is the best choice.


As a member of the 1K Team you are not promised to make a single penny ever.
Income of any kind is not implied or guaranteed. 

Your ability to earn will depend on your own efforts, skill and commitment.
Ben Olszewski is not responsible for your business in any way whatsoever.

You will reach out to your direct upline when you need help or you will put in a support ticket directly with TrafficWave.

The tagline: "I'll market for you until you earn $1000/month" is not an income guarantee; it means your TW link will be in the 1K Team ad rotator as long as you are active and in good standing with Ben Olszewski (which is completely subjective).

Your link is not guaranteed any amount of traffic per day, week or month or at all.

If you think your lack of results proves this is a "scam", don't proceed.

Your personal results are your results and only you are to blame (or get credit) for what happens.  Only smart adults who take complete ownership over their business should move forward.  This is not a job.

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