*Valentus Powerline Team Co-op

This co-op is not run by Valentus. It is a co-op I run for my personal team

Co-op advertising is a popular and VERY powerful method of advertising in which two or more people share the cost of advertising and the resulting benefits. It allows team members to pool their dollars together to advertise, and then share in the resulting leads generated. Valentus Powerline Team Co-op gives you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares in Valentus Powerline Team Co-op, multi-channel advertising co-op. With Valentus Powerline Team Co-op, you can simply plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few days begin receiving signups.

The Results Below Are Average Sign-Ups

Sometimes we do better and sometimes we do less.

*One Share Approximately 10 New Valentus Preenrollee 

*One Share Approximately 20 New Valentus Preenrollee 

*One Share Approximately 30 New Valentus Preenrollee 


Make sure you read and understand the following:


The great benefit of our co-op is that it allows persons of even modest means to participate in large-scale advertising campaigns and share in the results without a significant investment. But it is an investment nonetheless, and no specific results are guaranteed, and no refunds are available. We EXPECT to produce results you will be satisfied with but we can make no assurances. If the co-op does great, all participants will share in this good fortune. But conversely, if the co-op does not do well, all participants will similarly share in its lack of results. Make certain, before you purchase any units, that you understand this. And under no circumstances should you invest any money into my Valentus Powerline Team Co-op that you cannot afford to lose.

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